Oct. 1st, 2004

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[Edited 1:47 PM. Man, how do you get mouseover into underlined text on these things?]

Where he's been. )

*Strong Bad comes in and sits down in front of the Compy.*

Ooh, I'd better check my email. It must have been pilin' up while I was away. And it sure feels like Monday in my head.


Dear Strong Bad,
Who has had the most influence on your life?

Sorry for the delay,

Don't you two read anything I ever wrote? Señor Cardgage all the way, baby!


Dear Strong Bad,
Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?

As always,

Jeez, I dunno which of you has the comprehension problem still, Roh or Ove. "Do I consider myself adventurous?" Might as well ask if I consider myself to be Strong Bad. Adventurous is my middle name, baby! [OOC: If this were a regular Strong Bad email, clicking on the words "middle name" would pop up the image of a Free Country USA driver's license made out to "Strong Adventurous Bad". The name "Adventurous" appears to have been scribbled in with a felt-tip pen.] Let me demonstrate some more with some of the scenes I've filmed for the eagerly-awaited Dangeresque 3-D: Danger in Your Face, Dude!

You're gonna have to click...! )

And if you think that looked exciting, wait'll you see it with both projectors rolling! You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need...the edge!

So, until next time, write if you get work, and hang by your thumbs!

[Chime! The Paper drops.]

Muse: Strong Bad
Fandom: Homestar Runner
Word Count: about a thousand, I dunno

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