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[OOC note from [ profile] aberranteyes: Strong Bad flatly refused to answer the first question in character — email, blackout sketch, monologue, you name it. This, presumably, surprises only those muns and pups who don't actually know him.]

What makes you feel vulnerable and what makes you feel invulnerable, and why?

If you asked Strong Bad, he would insist that nothing makes him feel particularly vulnerable, except maybe having Strong Mad get angry enough to punch him. The main thing that makes him feel invulnerable is having a few too many cold ones.

But those cold ones might loosen his tongue enough to get him to admit his vulnerability: the ladies. Specifically, getting shot down by them.

It makes him wonder, for a moment or two, if he really understands them as well as he thinks he does. How can they resist his charms?

Then he decides it must just be that they don't understand him. They see only his faintly goofy exterior and overlook the love machine within, the veritable volcano of sensitivity waiting to be unleashed. Which leads neatly into the next question:

What would you place in a personal ad if you were making one?

"Single male Latin lover, old enough to know better, seeks hot babe for conversation, cold ones, walks on the beach and making out."
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