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Would the friendlist please join me in singing the Date of Birth Song?

o/` Sweet, sweet The Cheat
today is the date on your fake ID
Now, get upstairs—unh!
And fix me some breakfast. o/`

Get out of here, Bubs. No one likes your style.

Happy The Cheatday, [ profile] ilko_skevuld! Keep your mining helmet securely fastened!
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*Strong Bad walks over to the Lappy and turns it on.*

So long as you don't look like Matthew Broderick or French Stewart, anyways. In that case, you should just go, go a-way.

Dear Strong Bad, this is your final warning. )

Anyways, I got answers to two of those questions.

What is your most treasured possession and why?

Probably my Lappy, because it lets me connect to the Internets. Also known as my fan club.

If you could trade lives with one person for a day, who would it be, and what would you do?

I think it'd be Gary Palaroncini from Limozeen, and I'd get me some of that hot groupie action. As well as rocking out a lot. If this was a real email, there'd be a clip here, showing my imagination of me as Gary rocking out and getting groupies, and Gary as me answering my email. But since [ profile] aberranteyes has no budget and very little imagination, you'll just have to imagine that for yourselves.

So, until next time, remember to floss, look both ways before crossing the street, and send your emails to Strong Bad. 'Cuz you know that's where they wanna be.

[CLANG! The Paper drops.]

Muse: Strong Bad
Fandom: Homestar Runner
Word Count: one metric buttload (by atomic weight)
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So my new homey [ profile] ultron_x made this offer:

Comment and I'll pick one or more of your interests to draw in MSPaint. You have zero control over which interest I pick or how much the drawing sucks (emphasis mine). Then you post this in your journal, with the drawing I made you.

The interest he picked for me was Rhino Feeder.

And here's what he did with it. )
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o/` 'Cause you don' really need me
You just keep me checkin' my email... o/`

Final notice. )

Dag! I need to check these mails more often! *goes through those recent topics* Let's see... which of these can I get a good column out of?... Ah! Here goes!

If you could change one person's mind about something, who and what would it be?

Too bad I gotta pick just one. There's a *bunch* of folks whose minds I'd like to change. Though come to think about it, Dumbstar and the K.o.T. don't really got minds *to* change. So I don't need to bother with thems. And the less time I spend in my baby brother's head, the better. So I guess that leaves Marzipan. I'd make her fall in love with me. Which is to say, admit she's already *in* love with me. She's definitely got more feelings for me than she does for Dumbstar, anyways.

So until next time, as my man [ profile] anchorman_ron would put it: you stay classy, [ profile] strangemuses.

[CLANG! The Paper drops.]
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*Strong Bad comes in and starts up his Lappy 486, continuing to rap as it boots.*

Bow wow wow yippie-yo yippie-yay, scroll buttons' definitely in the hay-ouse...

Bow wow wow, yippie-yo yippie-yay, a brand new computer for a brand new day...


Dear Strong Bad,
Describe the best 24 hours you ever had

[he pronounced it "rohan dove" this time]

Did I say it right, Diggy? You happy now?

Oh man. The best 24 hours I ever had. They were illegal in 23 states and on a lot of planets. So I'm not gonna describe 'em in any more detail than that. Next!

Dear Strong Bad,
Who would you like to see get their final comeuppance? Who is it and just what would you do with them?


I covered this one in my reply to Steven Wolksvagen. I wanna see Dumbstar give up already, but the King of Town is a much bigger pain. At least Dumbstar manages to be so stupid he's funny sometimes. All the K.o.T. does is stuff his face. No matter what he says, he really did try to eat his own mustache once. He needs to get pea-buried alive. Immediately if not sooner.

Dear Strong Bad,
What do you have to be thankful for?

You're welcome,

Right now? I'm thankful for my Lappy, so I can check my email again. That virus was pretty bad.

Dear Strong Bad,
What do you want for your birthday?

Blah blah blah,

I think that Veruca Salt chick said it best. *ahem*:

o/` I want the world
I want the whole world
I wanna lock it
All up in my pocket
It's my bar'a choc'lit
Give it to me now! o/`

Or just send me moneys, whatever.

So, until next time, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite!

[CLANG! The Paper drops.]
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"So tell me, my little friend: What's the biggest lie you've ever told? And what were the—?"

Whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute, Diggy. I didn't answer that question for Roh and Ove, and I'm sure not gonna answer it for you.

"For who now?"

[ profile] rohandove. Don't they send you emails with those questions?

"I think it's actually 'Rohan dove', and yes, she does. I'm going to answer that question, which is why I'm asking it of you."

You're kidding, right? You're gonna just give that kind of information away? To someone who could use it to hurt you?

"That's about the only way in which I can be hurt, Strong Bad. Unless I piss off Lord Morpheus or someone equally powerful."

Lord Murphius?

"Never mind. Just tell me what was the biggest lie you've ever told."

And what were the consequences? )

Word count: 574
OOC: I swear, give that little nimrod an inch and he'll walk all over you.
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[OOC note from [ profile] aberranteyes: Strong Bad flatly refused to answer the first question in character — email, blackout sketch, monologue, you name it. This, presumably, surprises only those muns and pups who don't actually know him.]

What makes you feel vulnerable and what makes you feel invulnerable, and why?

If you asked Strong Bad, he would insist that nothing makes him feel particularly vulnerable, except maybe having Strong Mad get angry enough to punch him. The main thing that makes him feel invulnerable is having a few too many cold ones.

But those cold ones might loosen his tongue enough to get him to admit his vulnerability: the ladies. Specifically, getting shot down by them.

It makes him wonder, for a moment or two, if he really understands them as well as he thinks he does. How can they resist his charms?

Then he decides it must just be that they don't understand him. They see only his faintly goofy exterior and overlook the love machine within, the veritable volcano of sensitivity waiting to be unleashed. Which leads neatly into the next question:

What would you place in a personal ad if you were making one?

"Single male Latin lover, old enough to know better, seeks hot babe for conversation, cold ones, walks on the beach and making out."
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o/` It's Strong Bad Email time! It's Strong Bad Email time! o/`


Dear Strong Bad,
How do you type with boxing gloves on?

Benito Bozo

*shakes head sadly, sighs* There's always somebody who didn't get the memo.


Dear Strong Bad,
What happened the first time you got drunk?

Just wondering,

Ah, yes. Finally, you two have a question I don't feel embarrassed anywhere inside to answer.

So, the first time I got drunk. My first cold one. I remember it like it was...a flashback. )

So in conclusion, drink responsibly. And if you can't drink responsibly, drink at home. That way, your own bed is right there to fall into, and you won't crash anyone's car. Now you know, and knowing is half the Mandatory Educational Content segment.

[CLANG! The paper drops.]
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Dear Strong Bad,
If you won the equivalent of $2,000, and had to spend it, what would you spend it on?
Just curious,

Two thousand bucks? Aw man, you two, don't do this to a brother! That's just enough that you don't wanna say something like "Yeah, I'd blow it all on cold ones and Swiss cake rolls," but not enough to spend it on anything really cool! But let's see what I can do, working within your artificial and totally lame limitations.

I could spend it on a better power supply for my electric boots. Maybe a generator, with a cart to roll it around on.

Or I could get an awesome electric guitar and an awesome amp. That is, more awesome than the guitar and amp I already got. In the basement.

Or I could spend it on a cool car for the driving chase scenes in Dangeresque 3. Whatever I spent it on, it'd have to be something full of the coolness that says "Strong Bad". Because anything less than the best is a felony.

So, until next time, don't spend all your moneys in one place. Unless that place is at my place, of course.

[CLANG! The paper drops.]
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[Edited 1:47 PM. Man, how do you get mouseover into underlined text on these things?]

Where he's been. )

*Strong Bad comes in and sits down in front of the Compy.*

Ooh, I'd better check my email. It must have been pilin' up while I was away. And it sure feels like Monday in my head.


Dear Strong Bad,
Who has had the most influence on your life?

Sorry for the delay,

Don't you two read anything I ever wrote? Señor Cardgage all the way, baby!


Dear Strong Bad,
Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?

As always,

Jeez, I dunno which of you has the comprehension problem still, Roh or Ove. "Do I consider myself adventurous?" Might as well ask if I consider myself to be Strong Bad. Adventurous is my middle name, baby! [OOC: If this were a regular Strong Bad email, clicking on the words "middle name" would pop up the image of a Free Country USA driver's license made out to "Strong Adventurous Bad". The name "Adventurous" appears to have been scribbled in with a felt-tip pen.] Let me demonstrate some more with some of the scenes I've filmed for the eagerly-awaited Dangeresque 3-D: Danger in Your Face, Dude!

You're gonna have to click...! )

And if you think that looked exciting, wait'll you see it with both projectors rolling! You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need...the edge!

So, until next time, write if you get work, and hang by your thumbs!

[Chime! The Paper drops.]

Muse: Strong Bad
Fandom: Homestar Runner
Word Count: about a thousand, I dunno
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Dear StrongBad,

Why haven't you written me back? I'm feeling like you don't like me anymore.

Any more? I never freakin' liked you in the first place, man!

Come on man. You are a "cool guy" and I would TOTALY buy you a "cold one". Please?


Ooh, "scare quotes". The sure sign of a "penetrating intellect" and a "terrific personality".

I gotta get away from this freakin' duck, man! I'm going to that bar! No way they'd let that loser in there!

Storms away from compy. The paper drops.
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o/` Checkin' my email, checkin' my email
Back from EvilGeniusCon
Checkin' my email, checkin' my email
Let's see who wrote while I was gone! o/`


Dear Strongbad,
You are a cool guy. I love you!
Fhqwhgads someplace, MN!

Oh man, that freakin' duck is writing to me again? I thought I told him the feeling wasn't mutual. Maybe I should've said that shrinking his name wasn't gonna help.

Dear Strongbad, It's me again, Fhqwhgads. I just wanted to thank you for writing that song about me! It was WONDERFUL! And, I love you!

Jeez, some people just can't take the hint. I told fhqwhgads he was only makin' himself look worse.

I need a drink. At least in that weird bar, the one with the really cold ones, I can be pretty sure he won't be there.
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Dear Strong Bad,

Would you rather lead or follow? Why? What role do you see yourself playing out over your life, leader or follower?


Ooh, another letter from Roh and Ove. They're gettin' to be downright regulars around here. Shame they don't know me better than to ask stupid questions like that.

"Would I rather lead or follow?" Either you didn't see the name "Strong Bad", or you just don't know what it means. In either case, permit me to drop some knowledge on your dumb self.

I ain't a follower. I got followers. I got my big brother, I got The Cheat, and I got fhqwhgads followin' me around. Plus I got all the losers fans who send me emails every week. That makes me a leader, and I'm proud of it.

(Well, maybe not proud of fhqwhgads followin' me around, but he always makes sure there's not enough of us there to pummel him before he starts jockin' me.)

And as overlord of Strong Badia, I got the Tire. If that doesn't prove it, then I'm just not gonna continue the conversation, okay?

So until next time, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, email Strong Bad, and you too can be a real Strongamaniac. Comin' back. On the attack.

*CLANG! The Paper drops.*
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That was weird, man.

He was still trying to make sense of it. He'd left that bar and found himself right back at Bubs' concession stand. Bubs thought he'd walked in and walked right out again.

He would have thought it was just a dream, or a hallucination brought on by lack of drinks, except for one thing. When he got back to Casa Strong and checked his wallet, one of his business cards was missing, and there was some kind of tree leaf in its place.

So, with all his commitments taken care of (picking up Marzipan's contributions to Senator Bobstate, getting the latest TGS photocopied and into the racks at snooty independent record stroes), he decided to see if he could get back to that bar.
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Dear Strong Bad:

What is the most important value you can pass onto your child?

[pronounced "Roh and Ove", both with long O's]

I'm guessing the two of you are parents yourselves, looking for advice. Well, I can't give you first hand advice on how to raise a kid. I still haven't found a woman who's ready to face the awesome responsibility of being mother to the next generation of Strongs.

The most important value I could pass on? Probably my own inherent AWE. SOME. NESS.

But if I can't give Strong Bad Junior that, I'll pass on the most important lesson Señor Cardgage taught me: being who you are, and not giving a crap what other people think of it.


Aug. 18th, 2004 10:47 pm
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[Edited for the second time at 10:21a on 2004-08-26.]

How he got to Milliways. )
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